Major Set of Updates - 30-5-2009:
First of all my galleries have all moved to a new site hosted by my ISP as I was running out of space on my domain - they can now be found here.
I have also just been through the last 3 years and written up the various upgrades / tweaks and a couple of trips from last year. These can be found via the links on the left to 2007, 08 & 09 and also under the Trips page.
Other than that, life has carried on, really busy at work, jetting here, there and everywhere and trying to find time for the 7 inbetween. A must has become the Goodwood Breakfast meetings, and I've made each one this year so - the first Sunday on the month, each with adifferent theme. Some of my pictures can be found here.

Galleries Update - 9-3-2008:
I have decided to change them again - this time using Jalbum. This has allowed me to link them all together, rather than individually link, so you can go up levels and then view other galleries without having to come back to the main gallery page as a starting point.

NEW Galleries - 7-7-2007:
I have decided to change the way I have my galleries displayed. I have, up until now, created my own tables, added each picture and then created links to larger versions. This just takes too long that I am not updating my site as often as I should. I have started to use Simpleviewer which is a plug-in flash viewer and I can export this directly from my preferred photo viewer, Picasa, which makes it very quick to produce now.
Whilst the galleries will still be linked from the individual pages, I thought it might be good to add a dedicated page so they can be browsed directly.
Another good reason to do this is that I have recently got back into photography and bought a Nikon D80 dSLR. I plan to put some non-Caterham galleries up on the web in this area also.

2006 Projects Added - 7-7-2007:
Details on an Emerald ECU, a carbon dashboard with LCD display and n upgrade to the ECU and mapping session.

2005 Projects Added- 26-6-2006:
A couple of small projects that I didn't have time to do during 2005.

My Misfire Is Fixed- 22-6-2006:
At last I've found the problem that was causing a misfire and stopping me finishing the mapping on my car.

2004 Projects Added- 12-3-2006:
I've finally found the time to get all of my gearbox and fuel injection upgrades written up and onto my web site - it's only taken me a year! Sorry about that.

2003 Projects Updated- 3-1-2005:
I've updated the write-up of the upper wishbone conversion, which is finally complete.

I'm an Uncle - 17-08-2004:
Many congratulations to my brother, Mathew, and Karen on the birth of their first child, Amy Jane. Once they get into a routine (yeah - good luck!) Mandy and I will try to visit Devon to say him from Uncle Phil - how old do I sound!!
Might not appriciate a ride in the 7 just yet though :-)

2003 Projects Added- 4-07-2004:
Added a new section for the projects of 2004. Some weight saving but mainly the upper wishbone conversion.

Web Site Moved - 18-06-2004:
With my old ISP getting increasingly unreliable, I decided it was time to purchase a domain and get my web site properly hosted. Funnily the hardest part was deciding on a suitable domain name. Our first choice was 'the-nest' which is the name of our recently purchased house (hence few updates due to DIY duties) but this was already taken so we went for 'our-nest'... which it sort of is.
I registered the domain on 123-reg which cost around £6 for two years. I then decided to let them host it as well, as I don't know anything about changing/setting-up DNS servers and the like and they'd sort that out. If I find a better deal in a years time I'll have had time to learn about moving it (maybe). I have gone with the starter package as it is already double the space that I had before at 100Mb, with 1.5Gb bandwidth/month and 15 emails (which it took me a while to figure out it has to be said). Many thanks to my brother, Mathew, for loads of info/advice on where to go, what to do, etc.
So, we'll see how it goes, but at least the site address won't be changing from now on - sorry again Jason!

April Waffle Updated - 25-04-2004:
Updated Valve amp info - with pictures. It's working at last!

March and April Waffle Added - 20-04-2004:
Added both a March and an April page to the waffle section. Way too late, but house and job hassles got in the way.
Also updated my template so there is now a 'Back To Top' arrow. The layout was tweaked slightly to ensure this stayed right at the bottom all the time.

Introduction Page Added - 24-03-2004:
Site updated to move the old index page to a separate Introduction page. The new main page will, hopefully be updated when ever I make a change/addition, so it's easy to see what has changed since a previous visit.
Also added a link to the Waffle pages for the Introduction page with a brief description.
Added Copyright footer to the site template so all pages will now feature that.

Firefox Support - 14-03-2004:
Added support for my preferred web browser, Mozilla Firefox - see main navigation section. It really is a breath of fresh air after certain packaged browsers and I recommend it to anyone - give it a go. The best feature I think has to be the tabbed browsing, where you can load links in the background while you continue to read, or simply to grab a load of links to visit later, all simply by holding down the Ctrl key. Other good things includes the pop-up blocking, which you can configure to allow for various sites, cookie permissions and so on.
If you like that, then I also recommend the sister mail client, Mozilla Thunderbird which has the same feel and neat options.

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