At the time, I was un-subscribed to the Se7en's List, not having a reliable facility to collect mails. Or, in fact the time to read them - so no change there then. Steve and Jason had both booked their places by the time Steve told me about it and nagged me to get Mandy and I to go along. At the same time Nigel signed up which meant that by the time I got my mail sent off, all the places were gone. I was put on the reserve list though, and after a couple of weeks of thinking it wasn't to be, someone had to drop out, the 1st reserve couldn't go, so we were on the list.
The trip was arranged over a long weekend in May (11th to the 14th) taking in both the Friday and the Monday, but only half of each, allowing people traveling time. Not much preparation was needed on my car, a thorough spanner check and top-up of the levels and she was ready to go. The Thursday evening before came and I went back to my place to collect the car before heading over to Mandy's for the night and an early start. It was at this point that I discovered that my hood had gone missing. I search the house loft, the garage loft, the shed, everywhere, all to no avail. A phone call to Dad, now almost living in Spain, didn't come up with any clues. By now it was around 10pm and I had to get going in order to grab at least a couple of hours sleep. The hood was gone and we were heading to Scotland in early May - certifiable I believe is the term you are looking for.
I think we finally rolled into bed at around 11pm, and rolled out again at 2am. This is truly nuts. Wearing all that we could, whilst still being able to fit in the seven, we woke up the street at about 2.15am and headed to the M4. We took a very boring route of motorways, but at that time they were completely empty save for the odd lorry. We made good time I enjoyed a lovely sun rise as we passed through the lake district and stopped for some breakfast not far short of the Scottish border. Steve and Nigel had driven up the night before, deciding to have a B&B stop over and after our travel stop breakfast we called to see if we could meet up, as we had already passed their stopping point, but they were only just about to have breakfast so we headed off after a brief walk and an attempt to grab some shut eye. We got to the redenvous point early and were only the second car the arrive, tried to get some more sleep and gave up as we were too excited and more cars were arriving all the time.
The details of the trip, the routes and hotels can all be found here , but to say that in took in some of the best roads I've driven is putting it mildly. All the cars divided themselves off into little groups based mainly on speed and mostly met up at the viewing points arranged along the routes. The weather, thankfully, remained perfect all weekend, with no rain in sight, just bright clear skies and warm sunshine. It really was a magical 4 days, great roads, excellent company, fabulous weather and large meals - what more could you want?

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