Record breaking delay this month, in fact I missed it all together! Oooops again.
I do have mitigating circumstances, we're trying to buy a house, and then both of us have been going through redundancy at work. My job has stayed, but Mandy is waiting to hear. Needless to say, that this has meant nothing has happened with the 7 this month.

Friday 12th - Happy Birthday

The only thing to happen this month was that both I and the 7 got another year older. I reached the grand old age of 27, which isn't fair as I remember being a kid thinking how far away just 20 was!
The car is 8, and looking good for it's age, not just on the outside wither, with no rust anywhere on the chassis, I've pleased with how it all is. To celebrate I wheeled her out of the garage, gave her a wash and then a coat of wax so that she is gleaming when she does hit the road again - whenever that may be.

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