These pages are a bit of a 'suck-it-and-see' test. I'm not sure I will get the time to update them often enough, but I'll give it a go.

April 2004
I have finally got my Valve amp up and running, after a long delay and then a couple of recent setbacks. Sounds great, even on the rubbish garage speakers and a tape desk.
  March 2004
A very quiet month. Both of us are a year older - the car is looking far better than it's owner it has to be said!
February 2004
Jason's engine is finally finished - Hurah say's Jason, time for bed say's Phil.
Fitted a new rev-counter to my car when I wasn't catching up on sleep.
January 2004
Jason's engine work continues - yes still. Some problems, a trip to Autosport 2004 and the engine bursts into life. Soon be back on the road
December 2003
Jason's engine work continues, collect lots of trickery, a shiny cam cover, propshaft swapping and more....

November 2003
My car comes off the road, Jason's engine comes out and I convert his gear lever to the quick-shift mod.

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