In the process of saving weight, the heater has been removed. This should save around 3kg. I have not even switched it on all year, and to be honest, it doesn't do a lot with the Brooklands on anyway, so it is wasted weight.
With some 1mm Aluminium sheet that I bought cheap, Brent very kindly cut out a 360mm x 332mm rectangle for me. I then measured off a 207mm line and bent the sheet to form an 'L' shape. This was done using a 12" steel rule as a nice sharp edge and a peice of scrap wood which I could hit with a rubber mallet.
The heaters riv-nuts will be used to hold it down and I will run a small silicone bead around it to seal off the engine bay.

Fitting a De-Dion upper wishbone in place of the extra link and old link, to allow fitment of different anti-roll bars and also to adjust/set-up the camber. Read about in here

Closer ratio gears for my Type 9 gearbox curtesy of BGH. Read about it here

A partly home made system for fuel injecting the Zetec - here

Uprated Con Rod bolts to make higher reving safer - well, I do use all of the revs more than the average driver. Here

Some nice new harnesses, in red to match the car. Here

All my starting woes were solved when I fitted a nice geared starter motor with loads of power.

Some diff oil resistant bushes for the rear A-frame to axle mounting.

A unsuccessful project to make some spherically jointed radius arms.

I got bored of waiting for Yoko 032's to wear out so I decided it was time for some fresh, sticky rubber. A great decision.


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