Here's a small selection of files that I hope you might find useful. As I find/create other I'll add them to the current, somewhat short list.

If you fancy having a go at giving your car a flat floor set-up yourself, whether it be to save cost, to just to fully understand what is going on or to have an excuse to get out in the garage and tinker. This spreadsheet should calculate all the adjustments you need to perform, with you just entering information where the test is red.
The method used is to place a pair of bathroom scales under each wheel, cheap and accurate enough. Make sure you include some way for the wheels to splay out as you lower the car down off the jack, otherwise the sideways force will ruin any readings you get. One side is enough. Proper roller plates are nice, but I have read of success with Poly sheet and washing-up liquid working just as well. Ideally, I think 4 simple ramps to allow the car to be pushed into place is the best route, but remember that when adjusting it is often a lot easier if the load is removed - i.e. the car jacked up, so that would mean a lot of pushing and pulling!
Weights should be taken with the driver in the car, in normal driving get-up, so silly boots, hats, etc, and with the car in whatever spec you want to optimise it for, so if you regularly carry a passenger, it might be worth adding some ballast in the passenger seat so it doesn't shock you when they get in. Possibly consider using half their normal weight as a compromise. Obviously, with you in the car, a helper to take the readings is required, and make sure they can read scales - how many people fib about their weight?

This is a simple compilation of all the torque settings given in my build manual. I have updated it to include those for my Zetec engine and big brakes, but otherwise provides a useful guide for a live axle car. I laminated mine and stuck it at the front of my manual so it is quick and easy to find that figure.

Again, a simple spreadsheet that gives a guide as to the engine / prop and wheel revs depending on gear, axle ratio and rpm. This is my original version.
Alter the figures in red, again, to suit your car. As my car is a 5 speed, I have only set this up with five gear ratios, so if you have a 6 speed, either ignore one of your gears, or feel free to modify it to include the extra one. I measured the circumference of my wheels by rolling the car over a sewing tape measure, wrapping it up and marking the missing bit with masking tape, before adding the two bits together, IYSWIM.

This version includes a 6th gear for all you 6-speeders out there. It also has option of selecting KPH or MPH. I also note that it now goes to 9k rpm - is that just showing off by Michael Scholtz, who provided this updated version. Many thanks to him!
Instructions as per the original version.

This version includes an upshift section and was very kindly modified and sent to me by Matthias Fleischer. Again, many thanks to him!
Instructions as per the original version.

A quick and simple spreadsheet for all my Zetec costs during my swap from the X/flow. It is a little out of date now, the swap being done in 2002, but it may provide a good basis for one of your own, or just give you an idea of how things add up. Just don't show the wife!


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