We are not quite half way into 2009 and I've started this page already - it is amazing, normally it takes me a couple of years to catch up with my web site.

So, so far I've just done one thing to the 7 - swapped my brakes over to some Caterham supplied AP ones and very pleased with them I am. I'm not sure if I have any other plans at this stage, I need to look at my steering rack as there is a small amount of play in the rack to arm joint. If I can't fix it myself then I might try a 22% rack. I am also thinking about some 7 or 8" rear rims in order to spread my 205 profile tyres a little better.

The only other thing I have played with is I have finally found the time to get my dash to learn my gear ratio's so it displays the gear I am in on the LCD panel. It was actually very easy so I don't know why I didn't do it earlier, just put it in learning mode and go for a steady drive without any coasting or wheelspin. It then computes the ratios when you switch off the engine.

I swapped my Hi-Spec brakes for some Caterham AP brakes in an attempt to save my hearing and my sanity.


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