2008 was a good year, I managed to get two decent trips planned with the 7. The first was a trip down to Spain on a ferry with a drive across to see my parents and then I took the car over to Classic Le Mans with the local 7 club area guys. In-between all that I still managed to make a few tweaks to the car.

I got bored of waiting for Yoko 032's to wear out so I decided it was time for some fresh, sticky rubber. A great decision,

I went for some new dampers in an effort to improve the ride and the handling. Not one of my best upgrades.

I managed to somehow fit a dustbin sized silencer on the side of my car - very nice and very shiny it is too.

Some GRP hugging seats to stop me sliding about in the vast cockpit that is the Caterham.

Some more comfortable, less track orientated dampers for the rear of the 7 in order to save my bum.
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