I decided that I'd like to try some seats that were a bit better at holding me in place. The cloth seats that I got with the car were great, pretty comfortable and had proved to be very hard wearing. Their only drawback was that due to my slight build, I still tended to rattle around in the 7 and would have to brace my leg against the tunnel on bends to stop myself moving sideways.
I did some surfing around and decided that I couldn't really justify the cost of a pair of Tillets, nice as they are. I found a guy called Mark on the Locost Builders who went under the name of Triton. I did some more searching and found he made several different types of seat, wide, low cut, full height sides, etc. I contacted him and placed an order for 2 off of the narrow (in order to fit a Caterham) low sided (so without side slots for harnesses, they come over the top) and paid a couple of extra pounds for 6th point harness cutouts to be added. I also decided that I would try having them painted to match my car, Titanium silver. With this in mind I thought it would be a good idea to avoid the normal black finish and went for white instead, so it would be easier to cover and hopefully chips won't stand out as much. The total cost was less than a single Tillet seat!

2 Very White Seats
Me, Trying Them Out
Underside M8 Fixings
Back Of Seats
Trail Spacers Fitted

The seats are made to order so took a couple of weeks to arrive. Once they did I set about making them fit in the car and tailored the angle to my taste. I used some spacers I had laying around to begin with to get the right height (as shown above) and then once I was happy I substituted these for some 40mm diameter Ali tube under the front mounting points to tilt the seat back to get the angle of my legs how I liked it. The base of the seats are fitted with captive M8 threaded inserts, so fitting to these is quite easy, I just fitted the slides and then made a new hole to suit the spacing of the seat fixings. The hardest part is trying to gain access to the fixings from the underside of the car. I was used to be able to remove the base of the seat - now I can't and you need arms like a Gibbon to reach anything.
Once I was happy with the seat fitting I removed them, marked which one was which and then arranged to have them painted by a friendly company I know through work. They turned them around in a couple of weeks, fitting them in when their paint shop was empty, and then returned them to me. They were very shiny!

Trial Fit In Car
Back From Painters
In The Evening Sun

The final step was to refit them in the car and try them out. In the meantime I had bought some padded base pads from a company called JK Composites in red, trying to match the car again. These are fitted simply using double sided tape and then placing them carefully as you won't get a second chance! By now the weather was better so I went for a test drive. My hips fit them very well and I wasn't thrown around in the car at all. The only problem I had was that the back of the seat was too shiny and my shoulders and upper back was sliding around on the glossy finish. To solve this I got a couple more padded sections from JK Composites for my shoulders and back and stuck these in place. This was much better, I stayed put during the corners!

Finished Seats
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