At the beginning of 2008 I decided that my 032's were simply not wearing down and were no where near as soft as they should have been. I got them with a set of wheels and they were a good couple of years old at that point. I then went through the phase of sorting out my fuel injection and I wasn't using all the power for at least a year or so. Anyway, I decided I wanted some new soft rubber and decided to try some Toyo R888 as they had been getting some good press. Because I am now running 200bhp I decided to go for some 205 profile rears but kept with the 185's on the front.
All I can say is Wow, I'm really pleased with the R888's - the increased height of the side wall on the rears gave a bit more comfort, the extra width gives a nice lot of grip when trying to get the power down. I've probably done around 3k miles on them now and they are wearing very evenly, and not especially quickly. I'll certainly fit another set when the time comes.

Brand New Toyo's Fitted


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