My Caterham side exit silencer had served me well, but it was starting to show signs of struggling to suppress the noise of the Zetec with 200bhp. I hadn't really been thinking about changing until I saw a bulkbuy and decided to go for it. I spoke to Dave at Powerspeed who was very helpful and I removed my old silencer so I could send it off as a template. At the same time I also made some measurements so we could get the 7" silencer to fit - I was worried about the amount of clearance to the body side panels. All of this was over the winter so I wasn't trying to use the car at the time, so time wasn't of the essence. Due to the number of people taking up the bulkbuy I had to wait while Powerspeed made up some new rolled ends. A couple of weeks later my new silencer arrived and it was huge compared to my old one!
Because of my concern about the clearance I took the opportunity to get a new rear mounting bracket made to my own drawing. This was longer than normal and had a long slot in which to mount the rubber bobbin. This gave me some room to adjust the silencer should I need to give the body a bit more space.
Thankfully it fitted straight on the car with no problems at all and whilst it looked huge, it didn't look too bad at all - quite purposeful. The next job was to trim the exit pipe so that it was angled rather than straight, and then to polish it.
Overall I was very impressed with Powerspeed, they were helpful, easy to get through to to talk about progress and delivered when they said they would. The only thing I had to chase them for was the return of my old silencer which I then posted up on eBay and managed to sell for a great price which was a good bonus.

Old Side Exit Silencer
Polished Pipes
Another View
New Mounting Bracket
Shiny Pipes Fitted
Top View Of Fitted Pipes
Gleaming In The Sun
Old Bracket Alongside New
Finally, New Silencer Fitted
Shiny And In The Sun


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