After fitting the Avo dampers to the rear of the car I had always felt they were a bit too stiff. In fact, at one club meeting I compared the rear of my car, set to full soft, to the rear of Steve Motts who had my old Spax dampers fitted and set to full hard and I still felt the rear of my car was stiffer. The final straw was my trip to Spain, some 2000 miles where, unless we were on a perfectly smooth road, we were being shaken and jarred - it made the 10hr drive from the ferry to my parents house really tiring as I was concentrating hard on missing bumps as much as where I was going.
I did some reading around and found that ProTech dampers allow you to adjust the damping range, so if you don't feel they are soft enough when set at fully soft you can still adjust it and shift the range down, likewise at the stiffer end of the range. They were located near a supplier I use at work so during one visit I took a de-tour and visited them to have a chat. I took along one of the rear Avo dampers as an example. The guy I met had actually started Avo's in the past and he was slightly shocked to see the damper I had, and I don't think he felt it was made by them, rather it was a bought in unit and badged. Certainly it would make sense as the front alloy dampers I have are a much nicer quality.
We had a talk and he showed me all the internal parts of their dampers and explained how you can adjust the range, etc. I was impressed so decided to go for a new set of rears. I explained that I was going to Le Mans in a few weeks and he said he would see what he could do. I still had the Avo's, so I knew it wasn't a major problem. Thankfully they came through and I bolted them on and set them to full soft. A quick bounce of the rear of the car showed that they were much more compliant.
Out for a test drive and wow - what a difference, the car was really comfortable and easier to drive. The first roundabout I came to I went in quite hot, seeing what the back would do and it did roll a little bit and then started to slide, just enough to provoke a flick of opposite lock to correct it. Great fun - the old dampers felt like they'd have spat you in the hedge if you tried that. I added a couple of clicks to stiffen them up a touch and tried again and it was perfect, still comfortable but slightly stiffer.
Thoroughly recommended company. Trouble is I'm not sure if I should swap the fronts to match now....

ProTech Damper Fitted


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