Ever since I fitted the Zetec it has never started particularly reliably. When the engine was first fitted the starter motor (from my X/flow) died around 6 months later. I replaced it with a direct replacement and that was fine for starting the car when it was cold or had been stopped for a short while. It was, however, still a problem if I tried to restart a hot engine, say after filling up with fuel.
To try to overcome this I had the starter motor rewound for 9v by a starter/alternator manufacturer. This definitely helped to make the engine spin over quicker and it felt like the starter had more power, but after a number of months the engine again became harder to start when hot.
A few months after I fitted the rewired starter I got talking to a fellow club member, Steve Motts, about a geared starter motor he had heard about and was actively trying to develop with the manufacturer (i.e. trying to make it fit his car"). I waited a while to allow Steve to get the design perfected and when my starter got less and less reliable I decided to take the plunge and bought one. Raceline were selling them and I collected one one evening (they left it outside as I was stuck in traffic).
The new unit fitted perfectly and spun the engine over very easily and quickly compared to any of the earlier starter motors I had used. I ran the engine up to temperature and switched off and then immediately tried to start up again - something which the old starter would have struggled with - and it started perfectly, spinning as quickly as it had when it was cold.
Whilst not especially cheap (what is for a 7?) it is an extremely good product. The value comes, however, from the knowledge that the car will start after you've filled up with fuel, if you stall the car, or have to jump out for a minute and that you won't flatten the lightweight battery if you try to many times. Peace of mind - you can't put a price on it sometimes.

New (right) vs Old (left)
Front View
Connector View
Fitted - Close to Pipes


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