My rear diff leaks horrible, smelly diff oil. Not an awful lot, but it tends to collect and to run down the diff casing and then down onto the A-frame mounting point. At that point it covers the A-frame bushes and then they fall apart in double quick time.
I got pretty bored of changing them, especially as the bushes are a very tight fit on my Ford axle, due to the vertical brackets being maybe a smiggen too close together.
To try to overcome the problem of changing the bushes I decided to try some Polybush versions as these are meant to be resilient to diff oil. Some research led me to find out the part number required was 3XC. When I tried to fit them they were too tight, perhaps as they are less flexible than the normal rubber versions. I carefully used a Stanley knife and a cut them down just enough so I could force them to fit (i.e. they needed persuading with a mallet to fit).
I can't say I noticed much in the way of a handling change, The back end didn't roll any more or less than it did before. However, at the time of writing the same bushes have now been fitted for 2 years and shown no signs of degradation - so in that respect, and the reason I fitted them, they are a resounding success.

Old (black) Vs New (red)


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