Also purchased at the beginning of 2005 were two sets of Willans harnesses. I had been thinking about some new ones for a while as the originals were starting to look a little faded and I had noticed that they tended to creep during a drive and needed to be tightened a few times.
I hadn’t, however, decided to get any due to the cost involved but when a bulk buy was started on Blatchat I decided it was a good opportunity. I went for two sets of 6pt, although the 4pt was all that was needed on the passenger side – however, it gave me a spare.
Fitting was, as you would expect, straight forward. The only point of note is that the hole in the fixing plate doesn’t allow for the top-hat bush like those fitted on the Luke’s. This meant they had to be fixed. What I decided to do was to grind the top-hat spaces down and fit them at the rear positions to space the plates off of the tunnel and from each other.

I’m really glad I went for red – I think they really suit the red strip on the body work.

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