My 2005 was quite quiet. I had a couple of things to do, but I spent most of my time rewiring some of the ECU loom - trying to find the cause of a misfire.

The few interesting things that I did do was to fit a couple of things that I had bought the previous year but didn't have time to fit. I also decided to look into the a handling problem I was suffering from - this led to my LSD and I found it was too tight and therefore pulled it out and had it adjusted.

Some nice stronger bolts to help hold everything together - Northbridge rod bolts.

Fitting a De-Dion upper wishbone in place of the extra link and old link, to allow fitment of different anti-roll bars and also to adjust/set-up the camber.

My LSD was deemed to be set-up too 'tight'. This was causing some nasty handling issues - the back end preferred going straight on in bends! I stripped the LSD/Diff unit out of the axle and had it adjusted locally. Here
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