My 2004 projects were a complete contrast to last year - I think I probably embarked on doing too much.
The first
was a straightforward rebuild of my gearbox by BGH with a couple of revised gear ratio's to bring the gearbox into line with it's surroundings - i.e. in a sports car, and not a family hatchback.
The second was a conversion to throttle body fuel injection which meant a new ECU, wiring loom, lot's of scary electrickery. Of course, it meant I might as well fit some uprated cams and get the cylinder head ported as well now that the fuelling was easy to adjust....

A trip to see Brian in Kent brought about a nice upgrade for 1st and 2nd gear in my gearbox and a good service and any worn parts replaced.
It also came back just in time for me to fit over the Christmas break.

This is the big one.
I wanted some more power and to do that I needed to change cams, which meant I needed to get more air into the engine (which meant a ported head) and thus I needed to be able to change the fuelling, which meant the perfect opportunity to convert to injection and save trips to rolling roads.
An introduction - the why's and wherefore of what I did and why.
Porting the cylinder head
Having a Lambda boss welded on my 4-1 collector by my good friend Steve.
Porting the inlet manifold to match the throttle bodies and ported head
Assembly of the DIY engine control unit
An added bonus of the ECU - shift and warning lights
Wiring loom to mate engine and ECU.
Throttle linkage for the new throttle bodies
Manifold air pressure sensor take off mounting on the inlet manifold
Fuel tank is swapped for 'built-in pump' type
Fuel regulator to maintain the fuel pressure for the injector fuel rail
The fir run of the engine with the new ECU and injection
Swapping the head and then cams for the 'more interesting' versions
Running the new cams for the first time
New filter - nothing is ever straight forward.
Mapping the engine took longer than expected
A few nice shots of the finished engine bay.
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