The next part of the plan was to get it all running with the standard cylinder head to prove the system worked and so that when the new cams were fitted everything would work and they could be bedded in straight away without trying to get everything working first.
The first job was to fit the TB’s to the manifold and then work out a suitable throttle linkage. For this I couldn’t use the old linkage (which was therefore sold) and I came up with the plan to use my old original bracket (X/flow & carbs) mounted on a couple of brackets underneath the TB’s. I made a couple of U shaped brackets which fitted under the manifold bolts and also under the trumpet fixing bolts. From these I could hang the ‘Y’ shaped cable bracket. This would hold the outer of a bike brake cable allowing the inner to continue up to a fixing point on the TB’s.
Initially I used a bolt with a hole drilled through it to take the cable inner. The cable was held with a couple of washers and nuts. (As a post note to getting the car on the road I had the throttle stick open briefly due to the bolt getting stuck as it rotated and not freeing up when the throttle was released. This was fixed with a small Ali bracket to hold the end of the cable - a link will be placed here when I get chance to write it up).


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