My 2003 winter projects were a bit thin on the ground. Most of my winter time was spent helping Jason with his car (see here) so I limited myself to smaller projects. These took the shape of trying to shed some weight from the car. The other main reason for this was that we were trying to buy our first house, so funds were pretty thin on the ground, and I'd have to budget for decorating a new garage, of course!
During the year, once the house was sorted out, I decided to embark on a small'ish project. To change the suspension link to a full wishbone De-Dion style, with suitable anti-roll bar.

Some simple weight saving projects, mainly revolving around removing the heater and fitting a blanking plate, changing the plywood boot floor for a piece of ali sheet, removing all the carpets (tunnel, bulkhead, boot and footwell) and swapping the seat runners for some fixed lighter ones. You can see the boot floor and heater plate

Fitting a De-Dion upper wishbone in place of the extra link and old link, to allow fitment of different anti-roll bars and also to adjust/set-up the camber.

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