Not too much to say about this upgrade really. The kit cost around £100 from Caterham and contained the following:
New Top Links
New Anti-Roll Bar (ARB)
New ARB mounting blocks
All the necessary fixing bolts and instructions.

The standard live axle front suspension, otherwise known as the classic set-up, consists of a lower wishbone, a rear top link and then the ARB attaches to the top link and effectively forms the front half of an upper wishbone. This means that the ARB is having to do two jobs. The first is to act as an anti-roll bar but the other is to form part of the top triangulation and withstand the forward forces of the upright over bumps, potholes and general cornering. Whilst this system works, I can't help but feel that the forces acting on the ARB don't let it do it's job properly, which is to control roll. Ideally one would convert to a fully double wishbone set-up, ala De-Dion, or inboard dampers, ala Freestyle. However, both of these option require chassis modifications and I didn't want to go down that route, mainly due to cost, but also due to having to much else on with the Zetec engine swap.
This kit offers an additional link bracket which passes through the side skin and bolts to the rear of the chassis tube using longer ARB mounting block bolts. The new link then hinges on this bracket whilst fitting into the old ARB holes in the top link, bolted from behind, forming a solid wishbone. A new ARB is then used which locates into the new link and passes through the mounting blocks in the same way.
There really is nothing to fitting this, the biggest obstacle being the cutting of a 1" hole. The best thing to use is a proper cutter from somewhere like RS (drill a center hole and then clamp to parts together).
The results are great and certainly worth the price. The most marked improvement is in corner turn-in which feels significantly quicker and the front end generally feels more planted in bends and when making fast steering wheel inputs.


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