When I bit the bullet and changed to cycle wings and changed the colour scheme of my car, I had my original rear wings painted. They were still in very good condition and I was on a budget. The only problem I had was the stone guards had indeed done their job and sacrificed themselves in the name of the fiberglass.
I was faced with the option of fitting my rather stone blasted heavy guards back on my car, or find an alternative. I quite liked the idea of using some Motrax self adhesive matting, but unfortunately the largest size they do is A3 and this was too narrow. It was then remembered an e-mail conversation I had had with Ammo when buying a second hand Aero Fuel Filler. We had briefly discussed an idea to produce some titanium stone guards that would be a bit bigger but a lot lighter! I contacted Ammo again and if we could get enough people to make it worth while, he'd produce a small run. I posted up a bulk buy (something we regularly see in order to achieve some discount or small production run) on Blatchat and got some interest. As is always the way, half the people who were interested melted away, but we just had enough and the job was done.

Fitting was simple with the wings already off the car, just a case of marking out and drilling holes in the guards followed by offering them up to the wing. As the material is quite thin, I found they were quite bending and awkward to hold in place, so I ended up riveting as I went around them. I picked up a small tip which was to place a small M4 washer behind the guard, over the rivet and this reduces the material 'squash' as the rivet clamps up. I moved them up the wing at the time of fitting and placed a 65mm strip of Motrax Aluminium weave along the lower edges to further increase their effective height.

I used black rivets to fix them in place, and I have to say I am very pleased with the end results. I didn't want a plain bit of material but I also wanted something lighter than normal. Result. To keep them clean I use a rag with some WD40 and wipe them down, then dry off, and they have stayed looking like new all year with no discernable dents - which is a bonus.


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