The winter of 2002/2003 resulted in more than I had bargained for. I planned to do just the Ford axle, and that was all. There are always some smaller projects, but one of these small projects got a little out of hand. The result of going cycle wing was that I missed all of April, and probably the best weather it has seen in years, the positive side is that it was more than worth it, and the rest of the summer was even better weather.

An article that I wrote for the Lotus 7 Club magazine, Low Flying, about my winter project of changing from the original Ital axle to a stronger Ford item.


A bit of an unplanned project, this one. I had been thinking for the last couple of years about changing to cycle wings but it just sort of happened somehow.


I've never liked the rear lights on the Caterham. They've always looked like a bit of an afterthought 'arrggh, we forgot the rear lights chaps... oh these caravan ones will do until we find something better'


Lightweight rear wing protector bulk buy from Ammo, aka Raceco. A bit higher and a bit wider than normal to further reduce the paint chips of my freshly painted car.


The timetable of my build - I thought it would be interesting to see how long it took me to put my car back together after it's complete strip down.


A few scanned pictures of the 2002 rebuild. The pictures are a little grainy due to the processing I'm afraid..



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