So, having wasted a lot of time an effort trying to paint the original rubber blocks to match the car, finding that it was impossible to get a good finish, I decided I could do better.
As I work on 3D cad (Pro/Engineer) at work all day long, I realised it would be simple to knock up a simple, cheap design for something a little more elegant and save some weight at the same time. I decided on 2mm thick Ali as the construction material and set about measuring the rear lens to get the outline size and the rubber block to get the angle right. I moved the whole lot in towards the wing a bit to save material/weight and managed to get the whole thing designed over a couple of spare lunchtimes. From the Cad software I was able to calculate the weight to be approx. 60gr each. The actual items came in at just over 50gr on the scales while the rubber blocks weight around 270gr each!

I mailed the drawing off to one of our suppliers who is always more than helpful with home projects, and it all went quiet. When I next spoke to him he asked what I thought of the quote. Quote, what quote? It must have been lost in the ether somewhere so he gave me the costs there and then. To be ready at the end of the week, Ouch I though, a lot more than I wanted to pay. 'What about if I get a couple of other people, say 3, that would make 6 bits'. 'That would be about half the price then'. Ok I thought, that's better, and they are one off's. He then suggested that if I wasn't in a hurry he'd get the guys to fit things in as and when they were working in the right area - so when cutting some 2mm Ali, they'd run off the templates, and when bending they'd bend them up, etc. That sounded perfect, it was cold and wet outside and I still didn't have my car back together. 'Oh, well in that case, about half again'. Excellent, what a bargain.
I mailed my racing friend Steve who wanted some and also Ammo, was interested. So that was easy.

Fitting them took thirty minutes and I used some wheel arch piping to fill the gap, although I want to change this to some SVA wing edging this winter to improve things a bit. I was pleased that the lens matched up perfectly with the outline of the new block, and even if I do say so myself, they look like they are a mass produced part of the car. My supplier also did a great job of polishing them, which saved me lots of time - thanks Trevor!

After their first showing at the local club meeting I had some requests for more pairs. I hadn't offered them around or posted on Blatchat as I was not sure that a) they would fit and b) that they would be highly finished enough. I arranged for another batch of 6 pairs and passed them on, most of which are now fitted to cars.

When Steve started up his own Se7ens business he asked if he could turn them into a product that he could sell. I had no problem with this, other than they might get to be common. So Steve now takes care of these cool products under the banner of The Speedy Steve Workshop and offers them in the original polished finish or black powder coated finish to suit black-pack cars. If you want a pair, drop him a mail.


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