The winter of 2001/2002 was the first major overhaul of Q181ABL since she was built in 1996. I had been happy with the 100bhp from my x/flow and but driving the Scottish roads on the Haggis Hunt, trying to keep up with friends more powerful cars had given me the bug for more power. And, of course, if you go quicker, you need to be able to stop quicker. A bit of a suspension tweak thrown in didn't go amiss either.

A bit of extra ooomph would be nice, I thought. Thoughts are dangerous, and often expensive. Some of my reasons, decisions and a description of my Zetec transplant.


Pictures of the transplant described above. Pictures have mostly been scanned so are a little grainy.


Ventilated discs and Ali billet 4-pot calipers courtesy of Hi-Spec Motorsport improved the stopping power no end - once I had sticky tires though.


While I had the front suspension apart for the brake upgrade, I took the opportunity to fit the additional top link to the upper and let the ARB do it's thing.


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